I am a PhD candidate at the Neural Coding Lab, Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, Radboud University in Nijmegen, Netherlands where I work on neural coding with synthesized reality under the supervision of Dr. Umut Güçlü. My ultimate goal is to understand how the brain makes sense of the world surrounding it so that we can extract and "read" information from it as well as "write" information to it to induce desired experiences. As such, this knowledge could be incorporated in a wide range of applications, including clinical applications to help people with disabilities (e.g., neurostimulation to restore lost sensory functions or thought-based communication (BCI) for patients that suffer from locked-in syndrome) and other applications in fields like robotics, gaming and entertainment.

My doctorate is funded by a personal toptalent fellowship and I have double master's degrees in artificial intelligence and cognitive neuroscience with cum laude.

Research grants and prizes

  • 2021 - NeurotechEU Best Presentation Award
  • 2021 - DCC Student Assistant Grant
  • 2020 - Donders Best Poster Award
  • 2020 - AI TOPtalent PhD Fellowship
  • 2020 - DCC Students Assistant Fellowship