Upfall symbolizes the paradoxical essence of progress, capturing the simultaneous presence of advancement and challenges, successes and setbacks. Acclaimed singer-songwriter Maya Shanti teamed up with generative AI, where she wrote the lyrics of first verse and let GPT-3 complete the second. The vocals were incorporated into the final song that made it to the finals of the AI Song Contest 2022.

Maya Shanti:

I’m hanging upside down
And see the world is changing
I don’t know what to think of now
But it feels like I’m fading
So many questions but I know it’s always been there
I know, does she know, does he know
I know that I’m upfalling
I know that I’m upfalling
I know that I’m upfalling into this new world


I close my eyes and dream
Of a world that’s brand new
I hope that one day you’ll see
That changes can be good
I can be good
I can be good